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Al Azhar University – Distance Learning Degree – Uloom ul-Islamiyyah wal-Arabiyyah

Al-Azhar University – Distance Learning Degree  BA (Hons) Islamic Sciences and Arabic علوم الإسلامية والعربية - بكالوريوس / ليسانس   Bismillah ar-Rahman ar-Raheem,  By the grace of Allah, Al-Azhar university has created an online degree in Uloom us Shar’iyyah (The Islamic Sciences). As with any online distance learning degree there is a comprehensive syllabus but the application can create some unsurety so I pray this guide helps and answers any questions people may have.  Degree Overview   The course is a 4-Year online degree which is accredited by Al-Azhar University.  كلية العلوم الإسلامية والعربية للوافدين بجامعة الأزهر الشريف – Faculty  الشعبة – علوم الإسلامية - Department   Cost; $1500 per academic year  Total Cost; $6000 (excluding any resits)  The degree includes online lectures which are conducted 5 days a week across the different subjects.  There is also a requirement to submit 10 assignments (one for each term) per semester so 20 assignments per year.  All course admin i

Working in Egypt - Teaching

Many of our dear brothers and sisters have a desire to travel abroad and study Arabic and Quran. This choice can be difficult for many people due to the financial commitment required. In relation to this, I simply want to provide a few options which brothers and sisters can utilise to potentially fund themselves whilst looking to study abroad. My direct experience has been within teaching and it is within this field I will talk about a few different avenues that could be explored. Teaching opportunities exist in the following areas and the pay can differ significantly. Please consider the economic climate has fluctuated in the recent years so the numbers quoted may vary across location, time and company; Private tuition This is generally teaching at your flat or the flat of a student and teaching can include English, GCSE’s tuition in various subjects especially core subjects, Business English etc. There is usually no criteria as long as you are a native speaker but spec